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Minoxidil for women. Hair loss products and treatments for baldness in women.

1.What are the available solutions ?

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When a diagnosis of androgenic alopecia is established, two complementary treatments are possible.


The use of Minoxidil solution yields good results in women. In fact a large number of miniaturized hairs will grow under the influence of Minoxidil. A Minoxidil 2% solution is preferred to a 5% solution, which does not seem to provide better results than the 2% solution.

A poly vitamin treatment and minerals will also be prescribed.

Follicular transplants

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A "visual wall" is created across the front area of the scalp which masks the thinning hairs towards the back of the scalp. As we have already seen, the front section of the scalp is usually preserved. This is an advantage as the hair transplant can then start two to three millimeters behind the subject’s natural hairline.
Women have the advantage that they can easily grow their hair and wear it long.
Moreover they can cover the zone at the back of their hair by combing their hair in different ways.

In the case of all other related causes, the treatment will often consist of correcting any hormonal dysfunctions, the use of Nizoral and sometimes corticoids.

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