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This is an old drug that has been used for years to treat high blood pressure but it has been abandoned because of its serious side effects per os (when used orally).

One of its side effects was that patients began growing hair in unusual areas of the body, on their forehead and the backs of the hands.
The next approach was to apply Minoxidil in places and in solution. A partial or total stabilization of hair loss and of growth cycles was established.
Minoxidil prolongs hair follicle growth, allowing it to increase in volume and length.
In other words, it is not the number of hair which increases, but rather their volume.

2.How does this drug work?

We don’t know! Maybe it is linked to changes in vascularization.


It may take 5-6 months before you see any results.
If there is no visible result, you need to wait 12 months before stopping the treatment.
After 2 years, you will be able to observe that the effect of Minoxidil has died down or disappeared.
The effect is particularly perceptible in the vertex area.
Patients often realize how effective Minoxidil really is when they stop taking it.

After 2 or 3 months important hair loss might occur. This destroys all the effects of the anterior treatment even if the patient decides to resume the treatment.


Minoxidil has to be applied twice a day, in the morning and evening: try to humidify the skin, not the hair.
It is better to use a 4-5% concentration than a 2% one: the results obtained are better.

In case of a magisterial preparation, it is preferable to prescribe a 4% concentration to avoid the crystallization of the product.


Minoxidil has a great impact on the hairy areas.
On very bald areas or in patients with historic baldness, Minoxidil is ineffective.

This drug is used in the preparation of hair transplants and also to favour hair growth during the post-operation phase.
Minoxidil is particularly effective in women.

The explanation is simple: hair loss in women is never complete. It is essentially a matter of miniaturization of most of the hair.
The effect of this medication is thus more extended and more important in women than in men.


6.Side-effects of Minoxidil

Sometimes, patients experienced palpitations or feelings of hypotension.
Most of them complain about irritations in the scalp area.

In women, this irritation is very frequent and hair can grow on the temples.
While applying it, you must be very careful to avoid the solution from rubbing off on your temples

7.Benefits of Minoxidil

  • It is less expensive, especially if it is a magisterial preparation.
  • External use.
  • Facilitates hair growth after a hair transplant.
  • It is very effective in women, the only treatment possible for them.

8.Disadvantages of Minoxidil

  • Sticky aspect if we vaporize it directly onto hair.
  • Irritations are very frequent
  • Sometimes it makes the skin photo sensitive (sensitive to the sun)
  • The treatment is long and can be tiresome for some patients
  • Less effective than Finasteride.

9. Practical recommendations

Apply Minoxidil just after taking your shower, when the scalp skin is moisturized.

Try to get a vaporizer with a long nozzle to be able to introduce it into hair, in direct contact with the skin. Do not spray the product like hair spray.
If a 5% magisterial preparation has crystallized and thus has obstructed the vaporizer then please try Minoxidil 4%.

If irritations appear, reduce the dosage and the frequency of the spraying.
Do not associate Minoxidil with other products like Retin-A because it increases the absorption. Actually, in this case, the risk of an irritation and of scar sequels is very important.

The new formula of Minoxidil, Regaine foam (Rogaine foam) does not contain any propylene glycol. This is the main cause of irritations when using the liquid formula.
Regain foam is thus the best solution for patients who do support liquid Minoxidil.

Unfortunately at present this drug is only available in the US. It will be available in Europe shortly.

10.How to obtain Minoxidil, Regaine, Rogaine?

  • Magisterial preparation via your doctor
  • By buying it
  • By internet. In our links section you will find a list of sites where you can buy this product

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