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Quality Chart. How to be sure that your Physician is competent ?

1.Key questions

confiance There is a list of key questions in order to be sure of your choice.


Regarding the surgeon :

  • What is his specialization/training?
  • Is he a self-trained physician or has he trained with other competent physicians?
  • Does he only specialize in hair transplant?
  • How many hair transplant surgeries has he performed?
  • Since when has this physician been practicing?
  • Does he regularly attend the international congresses organized in order to update his knowledge and skills?

Regarding the consultation :

  • Is he in charge of consultations himself?
  • How long does the consultation last?
  • Does the physician explain all the strategic aspects in great detail?
  • Can he put you in contact with other patients who he already operated on?

Regarding surgery :

  • How long does surgery last (number of hours)?
  • Does he only use a microscope for cutting the grafts?
  • What is the maximum amount of grafts reached/that the physician is able to reach?
  • How many assistants does the physician have?
  • Is the physician present throughout every essential step of the hair transplant process such as extraction of the strip or the actual incisions?
  • Can you visit the clinic in person?

2.The Quality Charter

charte de qualité

This is the Quality Charter provided to each patient after a consultation.

The Charter provides the necessary guarantees as regards the reliability of the intervention and the quality of the results obtained.

Dr Jean Devroye has specialized exclusively in the field of hair transplants for six years now. He trained with the best American specialists.
He continues to visit with certain colleagues in order to improve his skills in the field of hair transplants even more.
Twice a year Dr Devroye takes part in two important international congresses during which he often performs operations/demonstrations. He has already performed hundreds of surgical interventions in his private practice and abroad. He personally takes care of in-depth face-to-face consultations with patients with a precise clinical examination.
He also discusses the strategic aspects with the patient in order to obtain excellent results in the short, medium and long term.
He is also able to put you into contact with patients who he has already operated.
Dr Devroye operates only one patient a day and is personally in charge of the most important steps of the surgical intervention.
He has a team of 4 to 6 specialized assistants. He is one of few European physicians who are capable of transplanting 2,000 to 3,000 grafts a day. During interventions a potential candidate is always welcome to attend. He can then verify the level of excellence of the cutting and placement techniques used.
All the techniques together only have one objective : to achieve the best possible quality in terms of indetectibility and density.

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