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Eyelash transplant or surgery to solve alopecia.

1.Eyelashes transplant

Occasionally eyelashes thin out. There are various reasons for this: family history, burns, an accident, tearing out, etc.

Eyelash transplants are a new technique, which was presented for the first time in 2004 by Dr Marcello Gandelman. This is an extremely refined and elegant procedure.
The hairs are isolated so that a minimum of tissue is left around the bulb.
The hair is then threaded onto a crescent needle and introduced into the eyelid in a curved incision, which follows the same orientation as the original eyelashes.

The hair is then cut to the right lengths.
25 to 30 hairs are transferred per eyelid. The general rule of thumb is that one session is sufficient.
The hairs are only grafted onto the upper eyelid.

In October 2006 I took part in the first workshop organized by the ISHRS in Los Angeles, California, on eyelash transplants. Forty physicians from all over the world received an introduction to this new practice, which was demonstrated by Dr Alan Bauman of Florida (US), and Dr Marcello Gandelman of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
One of Dr Bauman’s patients, who had undergone an eyelash transplant three years ago was present. The result was spectacular.

As regards the maintenance of one’s eyelashes the grafted hairs need to be cut once a week and curled using an eyelash curler. Mascara is also very useful.

It is important to define the indications for this transplant as not all patients are good candidates for this procedure.

This original technique will be developed in the coming months and years.

Nowadays, Dr Alan Bauman makes this kind of transplant with good results.




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