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Eyebrow transplant or eyebrow surgery to find a remedy to hair loss.

1.What are the causes and the indications?

Excessive and repeated tweezing or other techniques are often responsible for the eventual disappearance of eyebrow hair.

Other indications include masking a scar or a bad permanent tattoo.
An eyebrow transplant is an interesting alternative to permanent tattoos. The eyebrow looks natural and it is hard to detect the fact that it is a transplant.

2.Which technique is used?

Generally hairs are used, but if possible we can also use armpit or chest hair extracted with the FUE (follicular extraction) method.

The use of grafts with one single hair is essential. Given that the genetic properties of the hair are not modified by the transplant, the hairs that grow will have to be cut. The result is that the implanted hair has a bigger diameter than the original eyebrow hair. In practice this is not an issue, on condition that the implanted hair is sufficiently thin.

Only one hair or body hair can be implanted at a time and the orientation of the incision must be perfect and extremely tangential. Moreover to obtain a natural result the curve of the transplanted hair must be oriented towards the skin.
Finally the hairs have to be oriented differently depending on the eyebrow zone.

Eyebrow transplants are a variant of hair transplants. The grafts need to be meticulously cut and replaced. Any errors at this level are particularly difficult to cure. That is why we recommend that you consult with a specialized physician, who has already performed this type of surgery.
The price varies depending on the technique and the degree of difficulty.



3. What is important to know about the Eyebrow Transplant?

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First of all, it is very important to make a good analysis of the situation. What was the original shape of the eyebrow? How are the hairs spread? How is their orientation? What are the patient wishes? Soon, we will provide you a complete web site about the eyebrow transplant, and their importance into the history of the beauty, how to care of them, but also a complete analyse of the different eyebrow shapes.


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