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Hair transplant cost

1.Price table (FUT technique)

Amount of grafts Price/graft (euros)
0-500 6 €
500-1000 3 €
1000-2000 2,5€
2000-2500 2 €
2500-3000 0 €
> 3000 2 €

2.Remarks about our prices (FUT technique)

The price per graft decreases as numbers increase. One comprehensive session is more interesting compared to multiple sessions.

The quality of the cut perfectly respects the graft’s integrity. As a result you can be sure that the number of grafts will not be inflated by an artificial subdivision of the grafts.

At the end of the intervention, you will receive detailed information regarding the number of grafts and hairs transferred.

3.Avoid the following pitfalls (FUT technique)

The number of hairs is more important than the number of grafts. If the follicles are in fact cut with precision, it is frequently possible to transplant between 2-2.5 hairs to 2.5-3 per graft. In other words, 2,500 to 3,000 grafts correspond to a transfer of 5,000 to 9,000 hairs.

It is also worth bearing in mind that at an implant rate of 40 grafts per square centimetre, a number of grafts that is not sufficiently high will not ensure coverage of a sufficiently large area.

4.Price table (FUE technique) ATTENTION NEW LOWER PRICES !

Amount of grafts Price/graft (euros)
0 - 2000 4 €
2000 - 3000; 3 €
+ 3000 2,5 €

5.Remarks about our prices (FUE technique)

For FUE the price is 6 euros between 1 and 500 (like the fut) but after the price is 5 euros per graft until 2000 grafts. After 2000 the price is 3.5, and after 3000 2.5 Euros.


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