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The classic scalp reduction


The classic scalp reduction

Created in 1977 by Dr Blanchard, this procedure is simple and clever and consists of surgically removing the tonsure or bald spot.
The scalp is then stretched to cover the bald spot. 
Numerous variations, with different types/shapes of incisions, have since been created. The Y form is preferred.

Benefits :

  • Rapid. The operation lasts about one hour and gives an immediate result.
  • Efficient. The principal benefit is the redistribution of hairs, which are not easy to move with a classic hair transplant.
  • Economical. It reduces the graft zone considerably. In fact, a permanent hair zone is moved and replaces a zone where hairs usually fall out.

Disadvantages :

  • The area can be quite painful for several days. Removing the skin and stretching the displaced tissue are often very painful procedures.
  • There is a central scar with a sagittal orientation which is often visible if it is not treated secondarily.
  • The scar can widen in the long term,
  • This surgical operation presents more risks of bruising, infection and necrosis than a classic hair transplant
  • The orientation of the displaced hairs often looks artificial. The original hairs are oriented to the front, the back and the sides while displaced hairs are often oriented to both sides
  • This happens above all in patients with pronounced baldness in the tonsure area. If the treated zone is not large enough, a part of the recovered hair can contain hairs which may fall out in the future. However, when pulling back a surface larger than the already bald patch, you might lose hairs which would have disappeared in the long term but which are still present
  • It is almost obligatory to complete the tonsure reduction with a hair transplant

Why is the tonsure reduction less popular nowadays?

Secondary, more important, effects (such as infections, pains ...) might frighten patients.
The success of the follicular hair transplant, although more refined, has thrown a certain discredit on this method, which is perceived to be more aggressive.
Patients wishing to undergo a hair transplant often do not fully understand the ramifications of a tonsure reduction.



A patient suffering from baldness or hair loss must receive precise advice. The doctor has to analyze in details the therapeutic possibilities.



Here are some articles and reference books that will allow you to explore in further details all that surrounds hair transplants.

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