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Hair transplant is a good solution to face hair loss. Hair replacement fights against alopecia or baldness.


Jean Devroye MD

Doctor Jean Devroye
More than 10 years of hair transplants, which have become a real passion for him.

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A hair transplant

Requires quality workmanship, large quantities of hair grafts and a sound strategy. At the Grand Roi clinic, we use the best techniques and the microscope is king.

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FUE and FUT Quality Surgeries

Extracting the FUT strip or the FUE grafts, cutting the grafts, making the incisions and placing the grafts are the key moments of a successful intervention. Here are all the details on the different techniques.

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Custom analysis

Do not hesitate to fill in our online form, for private information. You will receive a first recommendation regarding the therapeutic possibilities and a morphing.

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Hair Transplant videos

All the videos available on our web site, many explanations regarding the Hair Transplants and results illustrated...

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Hair transplant photos - A selection of hair transplant pictures

Many pictures to illustrate the results of our Hair transplants, mega sessions FUT and FUE. Also, Eyebrow Transplants and Follicular Units Extraction FUE.

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Hair transplant for Women

Not very well-known, even though it often provides wonderful results in the fight against female alopecia.


Beard and moustache transplant

It is a very refined hair grafting procedure to increase the density.


Eyebrow Transplant

It represents the hair transplant technique at its finest as it is an example of high-precision transplant



A patient suffering from baldness or hair loss must receive precise advice. The doctor has to analyze in details the therapeutic possibilities.



Minoxil (regaine, rogaine) Finasteride Propecia, Proscar Dutastéride Vitamines Shampoo's



To obtain a detailed analysis of the donor and recipient areas densities.


The clinic

The HTS Medical Center is located in the center of Brussels in Belgium, close to the Zaventem international airport and the TGV (high-speed train) railway station.



Here are some articles and reference books that will allow you to explore in further details all that surrounds hair transplants.


Seminars in foreign countries

Dr Devroye can meet patients for consultations in Madrid.
Consultations abroad can be set up depending on requests.

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